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Our fleet

Efficient and safe removal is influenced by several factors, the most important of which are a proven and reliable team and a modern fleet of vans, which is at the disposal of the transport company. Currently, we have three cars of different sizes and payloads, which allows us to make the right choice depending on the size of the move, the size of things to be transported or simply individual needs of the customer ordering transport. All our vehicles are equipped with the necessary equipment to protect the transported goods such as insulating blankets, fastening belts or other safety accessories. Thanks to this we can safely transport goods both on domestic routes (especially in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship): Szczecin, Berlin, Stargard, Goleniów, Nowogard, Resko, Łobez, Koszalin, Kołobrzeg, Świnoujście and the surrounding area), as well as international routes.

Iveco Daily’s van

Dimensions: height – 2 m, width – 1.8 m, length – 3.5 m
Type of car: van (tin)
Capacity (cargo space): 13 m3
Maximum number of passengers carried: 7

The Iveco Daily van is ideal for small removals, as well as transporting furniture (e.g. from the Ikea order pick-up point in Szczecin) or building materials. This model is the strongest, the largest and the most durable van currently available on the market.

Mercedes Sprinter

Dimensions: height – 2.20 m, width – 2.10 m, length – 4.30 m
Type of car: container (furniture wagon)
Capacity (cargo space): 21 m3
Maximum number of passengers carried: 3

The Mercedes Sprinter is ideally suited for medium sized removals and the transport of more furniture (e.g. from the Ikea order pick-up point in Szczecin). Ideal load capacity (not too big, not too small) makes the car the most popular choice for domestic and foreign removals. Optimal removal vehicle for every route.

Renault Master

Dimensions: height – 2.30 m, width – 2.10 m, length – 4.90 m
Type of car: tarpaulin (10 pallets)
Capacity (cargo space): 24 m3
Maximum number of passengers carried: 3

Renault Master is a tarpaulin-type delivery van with the highest payload of all our delivery vans. For this reason, Renault Master is dedicated primarily to customers who plan to move more domestically or abroad. Quite a large removal vehicle for every route.

Don’t you know which car to choose? Contact us so we can get to know your expectations and help you make the best choice. You can also fill in a form that will help us to estimate your needs (cars with a given load capacity).